The importance of empathy

  In our role as Patient Relations Advisors we connect with patients and families that are often struggling with complex emotions such frustration, anxiety and hopelessness. Individuals often contact us when they have lost trust in their health care provider or the system that was meant to help them in their time of need. Empathy […]

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Patient Experience Week

UHN celebrated Patient Experience Week on April 24 – 28, 2017. This week was an opportunity to celebrate the programs that work towards improving the everyday experience of patients. Booths were set up across UHN and the Patient Relations office developed a poster display that explained our role and process and provided contact information and […]

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The Ontario Patient Ombudsman

In 2016 Christine Elliott was appointed as the Patient Ombudsman for Ontario. Her office officially opened on July 4, 2016 with the functions and powers to investigate and resolve complaints about the health care system made by patients and families. The Ontario Patient Ombudsman (OPO) can also make recommendations to health sector organizations following their […]

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Dignity with Donna Hicks

The Patient Relations staff recently had the privilege of attending a seminar by Dr. Donna Hick’s on the subject of her book ‘Dignity: Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict’. Her book is a must-read, not only for those dealing in conflict resolution, but for any human interaction. Below is a small excerpt from her book […]

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Patient Relations Stats

Each year, the Patient Relations department produces an annual report. This report captures all of the feedback (good and bad) we receive from our patients and families throughout the year and helps to identify problem areas and system issues to our leadership. Below are some of the highlights from our 2014/15 report: This year we […]

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